Tuesday, May 6, 2014

the ways you are here, when you're not (but you ARE)

Today Stew wrote asking if Natasha and he could have us over for dinner when you're back in town...and they might invite 'another' cool couple (that means we are cool, heh heh...)

Today I got 2 more Rsvps...my Captain Bob and Karen, and my mom's good friends Geri and Terri. (so far the older folks seem to be more on the case!)

I saw Julie (little Frances' mom) at the benefit show tonight. She said she got our invitation and it was SO BEAUTIFUL. She wanted to take a picture of the envelope liner and post it online and tag us!

She said you are so lovely, and she's only met you for 3 minutes, but she can't wait to see you again. And she is really thrilled her and Graham are invited, and she's really hoping they can come....

AND she said she spent like 40 minutes going through all of your instagram posts (!). She said again 'she (you) is so beautiful, and has such amazing and lovely pics'...

I really really love you so much.

and i want us to have chinese money plants. and peach holly hocks! (i will ask my mom about them for sure!)

you are my peach holly hock!!

i loved your post from monday. sounds like you had such a fun weekend! and then maybe today wasn't quite as fun :( ....

you are really making such a sacrifice being there, and i want you to know, as soon as i can i will make it so not only do you not have to go back, but you can focus on your work, or just whatever you (and we) want to do. that is in clear focus for me now.

i can't even believe i get to spend my life with you. seeing you on skype these last couple days it's like for the first time again. you are radiant. beaming through the screen. full of live, spark, sizzle (sexiness!), beauty, sly smirks, and 'giving me the gears'....

Bubba has really gotten so soft since visiting with my Dad. i think coming back here he is more affectionate with me, because he got to spend SO MUCH lap time with GDR :)

it's really nice to know they have a bond, and we have a Bubba-sitter anytime!

ok lover - time to work on my CV before bed, and my meeting tomorrow morning.

i'm going to work on the shed in the afternoon with my pops, and then go to the special evening of the forum tmrw eve... busy day! I would love to find you at some point so i will send you some loving 'wibes'... loving wibe to my lovely wife... ;)

and a good morning haikus

you are a garden
of delightful fragrance i
burrow into you

your hair your skin your
neck and collarbone are so
sweet morning dreams

then there is our musk
magical and electric
we stir our love pot

XXxxxx have a great day lover!!! you are the love of my life! Xxxxx


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