Monday, April 28, 2014

A patchwork quilt that makes me swoon

I just came back to GG from a trip to the Genbrug where I got you a little prize for the office. I LOVE it!

I have been shoveling dirt and rocks all morning with Rachel. It felt amazing! Now I am going to go over and try to join the gym…I want to work out in the mornings, and I can't rely on the enthusiasm of others, I just gotta DO IT. my self;)

I just read your very very very beautiful email.
Your evening sounds so amazing. It makes me pine for you back.
I am MORE than thrilled to come home to you. I almost can TASTE the beauty of our back yard!

It is going to be amazing. So wonderful to be with you and ride bikes with you and swim with you and sun with you and sex with yuoouououou…

I found this amazing quilt maker
I really love this! I wish we could convince your mom to make us one like that! Even if she chose all different blues or something, but put it together like that in a a bold pattern. OMG! I would love it….

Isn't it beautiful???

Aren't you the MOST Beautiful?
I have been looking at all kinds of lovely vases, and apothecary bottles…

And making OUR little tiny succulent pots…
They are going to be the sweetest! I tell yououoouououououou…

I think Dan is so lovely. and I would love to have a new friend (Daniella!) who loves the warmth and maybe we can all escape Toronto sometimes with trips to LA to make art and music;)

I STILL want to tell you about my experience listening to your live set! It was pretty magical for me, but NOW, I also feel like I should listen to it again, as days passed and now I am not as fresh with my observations/experience. What I will say is….
It was SO good.
There was so much potential (especially in a couple of the songs) that I became really really excited for your album. For your process. For your lyrics and lyricism….
I also RE-love "Everything Has Changed" somehow that song really melted me, (it came on  right after the set, as it was in my iTunes that way….) and then i decided to listen to all the songs you have sent me.

The Curse song is really really something special and there were other ones in the set that I loved, but I had never heard, so I will have to remember the number, but I think there is one about "coming home, but you are not there"….wow. that is a winner. So poignant. so sincere.

I love you to my TOES and I can't wait to hold you in my arms too!
And dance with you.! I want to dance with youoouououououou….
and make love to you.
A lot.

I think you are the greatest. Just the best!


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