Monday, May 5, 2014

Pilea Peperomiodes

This should be a childs name;) Pilea! hahaha….

I want a money plant~ how beautiful are these?? Hmmmm…

I am off of work now and just Pinteresting. My happy place;)
I am so excited for the shed….what a KUDOS to you and your bro! Amazing.

I am also CRAZY excited for planting things in the raised beds. That is going to be SO LOVELY
You are not going to BELIEVE my BOUNDLESS energy for it;) I LOVE digging in the dirt and planting things. Just you wait;)

Then, we are going to have parties! WOOO parties! Parties! Parties!

A lot of parties.
Naomi and Afie went to Copes today. I Miss them;)
I had SUCH a great time this weekend. We just HUNG out. sipping wine. eating good food. I laughed a LOT, just because I could. I felt really light. really present in my life. which feels really good.

I forget sometimes to be grateful. AWARE. checked in and WITH people. They are beautiful if I let them be. I am inspired if I want to be. I am. can be. are.

I have also been very taken with these peach holly hocks!
SO lovely. HAve I shown them to you already???

I want to grow these in the yard, and have them at the wedding! Can you ask your mom if these grow in Canada??? I LOVE the color!!!!!!!!! makes me feel WARM and shining! 

I am going to go to Rachels and my house and do SPRING cleaning. I hope I get to talk to you, cause I will be ALL ALONE….wink wink wink…
I love you immensely.

XoOXoXOoX, your wifey…X


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