Thursday, May 1, 2014

3 haikus, 2 videos, 1 love

Air plants were thirsty
Put them in the Mason Jar
Drink up, you weirdos

Hey Old Man, nice jeans
there's room for another butt
Not that you have one

What clay didn't know:
It would be a spectacle
of joy and wonder


These vids are not yet released baby - top secret! ;) ... check out when Carmen is on my back at the start of Anna - so cute!

oh, well, I guess one more haiku, and then off to bed...

Your body wakes me
I want to drink you up and 
be drunken by you

ok... just one more...

I love how you live
Let me run with you in life
Each day to the next

sweetest dreams my love!
have fun in CPH!
hugs to ule, kat, sigrid, kati, and darien.
and a special one (with a kiss on the lips and a squeeze on yer butt) for youuuuu.

I love you.



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