Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sunday morning...

Hi baby...

it's 10:30pm and we haven't even left for the club yet. they play late here! we were scheduled for midnight, and the festival organizer asked us to go on at 1am instead! sheesh...i'm getting old i guess, but i feel like i should be asleep by then!

i wish you were here and we could have a few drinks and laugh and dance and then cozy up and sleep in late (it's a bit chilly here, and i don't have you OR little bubs for additional bed warmth!)

tomorrow is jos' birthday, and we are going to make him a cake. chocolate pear i think...but it's a secret so we'll have to bake it maybe next door at kieran's sister's? (kieran's sister and mom live right next door to each other...)

we had a really great dinner at the Sprout. miso broth with rice noodles, tofu, broccoli, and other veggies. i had the same dinner about 8 years ago when i played here with the hidden cameras. SO GOOOD.. i'm 'onna make it for you!

we are headed out now my love...i will find you tomorrow and we can have a nice long chat...

i miss you miss you miss you
i love you love you love you
 you are my one you are my one you are my one
not long now not long now not long now!!...

Xxxoxoxo Your Paulie


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