Monday, April 28, 2014

the sweetest thing

hi love...

i love that quilt!! i will reconnect with my Mom, and see what we can create ;) ...

i am really sleepy now...

i just want to send you a couple of treats before bed...



DIANA @ Wavelength Festival

i am really excited to hear what you have to say about my show. and i'm glad you reminded me about 'everything has changed'! i will have to rework that one...i think it is a good one, too!

tomorrow morning i'm going to bike to moksha yoga. hooray! i'm so stiff from sitting around all day on the computer.

i hope you awake refreshed, and go work up a nice morning sweat (mmmm...), and have a lovely summery, skaelskor day. and any moment you are feeling discouraged, or a bit down, or frustrated, or struggling, i want you to pause for a moment, move the feeling to your palm...and roll it up into a little walnut sized ball...and then, close your eyes, and feel my arms gently reaching around your waist, giving you a gentle and loving squeeze, then, opening your hand, taking the discouragement, any feeling that you don't really want hanging around, any tiresome struggle, anything that is there that you want to let go of, and just feel it move from your hand into mine, and i will take it, and i will slowly open my arms, and let you get back to work... and i'll take it over to the ocean and toss it in there for you. and it will float away. offer valid ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. FOREVER.

just like your massage card :)

i love you beyond words.

everything has changed.

goodnight sweetheart...

XXxoxox your Paul


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