Friday, May 2, 2014

Little weirdos!

The air plants are pretty wild little critters. How do they survive sucking dust out of the air for nutrients??? They are prehistoric-al. Mythic-al. Delightfulic-cal


What should we do about NYC?
I haven't looked at tickets….again….yet….
But I could also just give you the $$ for my ticket, so that we can fly TOGETHER and snuggle and drink whiskey's on Da Plane!

Or maybe you can take it out of my "overages" hahaha….

When I worked out this morning, I thought about you so much.
I am sorry I get down when I *think* you are down.
Somehow, I just want to like, chat. and be SO EASY with one another, but when I *think* you are down or stressed, you really feel cold to me. Its not really fair. THen I read your email, and I thought….WOAH. It was so energetic, and sweet and full.

I remember thinking that same contrast from our emails, to when we first skyped. You were SO SOMBER, and it scared me. I think your quietness/coolness scares me, because I ALWAYS think something is wrong. and I am sorry for that. I let it actually make me, think I am SAD. or somehow lonely.

I haven't really unpacked that yet. and I don't have something to offer about "how I am committed to changing it" because I am not sure yet what that looks like for me. But I do believe that looking at it last night, MUCH more softly, and finding my love for you, rather than letting annoyance and temper get in front of it, was really nice.

I actually felt swollen with love and compassion for you. For your stress over money/job.
And, I appreciate DEEPLY, your commitment to taking the communication course with me, and to being my NUMBER ONE co-pirate in creating our relationship. Getting to know one another. and our COMMITTMENT to LETTING JOY IN!
We can live on Love and Joy. I really believe.

here is a F-U-N vid that I have been dancing with Rachel in our apartment in mornings….we just giggling and dancing ya'll!

I Miss you and love you like no otha! You are my MAIN SQUEEZE.
and my tush will take a pinch and squeeze from you any day!

Cant wait til i am back in your arms….XoOXoXoOXoOXoXOoXoOXOox


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