Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Love to youououoouou

Thank you for that lovely talk today.

You have challenged me to find my beauty and contribution in the face of ANYTHING….

I remember who I am here….There…..with you….near my heart that hurts and heals.

My heart hurts and heals….hurts….and heals….

I move through the day with my eyes up at the sky. The small bits that want to fall kept tucked perfectly against my side. My smile in place….

I do not know what the world will give me next, but I know the world gave me to you. and you to me.

I loved the Cass McComb song so very much….

tears and a wonderful feeling deep inside of me.
A melting. a softening. a deepening. So beautiful

OK. Now I am going to send you some hip hop! hahahahahaaa….
It was  making me feel better….

This song is my favorite to work out to/ dance by myself….

This makes me laugh (but secretly I envy her moves!!) I wanna practice on you….ITs SO sexy….but I think I am not supposed to think so;)

And just because I want this to be played at our wedding;)


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