Tuesday, May 6, 2014

the ways you are here, when you're not (but you ARE)

Today Stew wrote asking if Natasha and he could have us over for dinner when you're back in town...and they might invite 'another' cool couple (that means we are cool, heh heh...)

Today I got 2 more Rsvps...my Captain Bob and Karen, and my mom's good friends Geri and Terri. (so far the older folks seem to be more on the case!)

I saw Julie (little Frances' mom) at the benefit show tonight. She said she got our invitation and it was SO BEAUTIFUL. She wanted to take a picture of the envelope liner and post it online and tag us!

She said you are so lovely, and she's only met you for 3 minutes, but she can't wait to see you again. And she is really thrilled her and Graham are invited, and she's really hoping they can come....

AND she said she spent like 40 minutes going through all of your instagram posts (!). She said again 'she (you) is so beautiful, and has such amazing and lovely pics'...

I really really love you so much.

and i want us to have chinese money plants. and peach holly hocks! (i will ask my mom about them for sure!)

you are my peach holly hock!!

i loved your post from monday. sounds like you had such a fun weekend! and then maybe today wasn't quite as fun :( ....

you are really making such a sacrifice being there, and i want you to know, as soon as i can i will make it so not only do you not have to go back, but you can focus on your work, or just whatever you (and we) want to do. that is in clear focus for me now.

i can't even believe i get to spend my life with you. seeing you on skype these last couple days it's like for the first time again. you are radiant. beaming through the screen. full of live, spark, sizzle (sexiness!), beauty, sly smirks, and 'giving me the gears'....

Bubba has really gotten so soft since visiting with my Dad. i think coming back here he is more affectionate with me, because he got to spend SO MUCH lap time with GDR :)

it's really nice to know they have a bond, and we have a Bubba-sitter anytime!

ok lover - time to work on my CV before bed, and my meeting tomorrow morning.

i'm going to work on the shed in the afternoon with my pops, and then go to the special evening of the forum tmrw eve... busy day! I would love to find you at some point so i will send you some loving 'wibes'... loving wibe to my lovely wife... ;)

and a good morning haikus

you are a garden
of delightful fragrance i
burrow into you

your hair your skin your
neck and collarbone are so
sweet morning dreams

then there is our musk
magical and electric
we stir our love pot

XXxxxx have a great day lover!!! you are the love of my life! Xxxxx

Monday, May 5, 2014

Pilea Peperomiodes


This should be a childs name;) Pilea! hahaha….

I want a money plant~ how beautiful are these?? Hmmmm…

I am off of work now and just Pinteresting. My happy place;)
I am so excited for the shed….what a KUDOS to you and your bro! Amazing.

I am also CRAZY excited for planting things in the raised beds. That is going to be SO LOVELY
You are not going to BELIEVE my BOUNDLESS energy for it;) I LOVE digging in the dirt and planting things. Just you wait;)

Then, we are going to have parties! WOOO parties! Parties! Parties!

A lot of parties.
Naomi and Afie went to Copes today. I Miss them;)
I had SUCH a great time this weekend. We just HUNG out. sipping wine. eating good food. I laughed a LOT, just because I could. I felt really light. really present in my life. which feels really good.

I forget sometimes to be grateful. AWARE. checked in and WITH people. They are beautiful if I let them be. I am inspired if I want to be. I am. can be. are.

I have also been very taken with these peach holly hocks!
SO lovely. HAve I shown them to you already???

I want to grow these in the yard, and have them at the wedding! Can you ask your mom if these grow in Canada??? I LOVE the color!!!!!!!!! makes me feel WARM and shining! 

I am going to go to Rachels and my house and do SPRING cleaning. I hope I get to talk to you, cause I will be ALL ALONE….wink wink wink…
I love you immensely.

XoOXoXOoX, your wifey…X

Friday, May 2, 2014

Little weirdos!

The air plants are pretty wild little critters. How do they survive sucking dust out of the air for nutrients??? They are prehistoric-al. Mythic-al. Delightfulic-cal




What should we do about NYC?
I haven't looked at tickets….again….yet….
But I could also just give you the $$ for my ticket, so that we can fly TOGETHER and snuggle and drink whiskey's on Da Plane!

Or maybe you can take it out of my "overages" hahaha….

When I worked out this morning, I thought about you so much.
I am sorry I get down when I *think* you are down.
Somehow, I just want to like, chat. and be SO EASY with one another, but when I *think* you are down or stressed, you really feel cold to me. Its not really fair. THen I read your email, and I thought….WOAH. It was so energetic, and sweet and full.

I remember thinking that same contrast from our emails, to when we first skyped. You were SO SOMBER, and it scared me. I think your quietness/coolness scares me, because I ALWAYS think something is wrong. and I am sorry for that. I let it actually make me, think I am SAD. or somehow lonely.

I haven't really unpacked that yet. and I don't have something to offer about "how I am committed to changing it" because I am not sure yet what that looks like for me. But I do believe that looking at it last night, MUCH more softly, and finding my love for you, rather than letting annoyance and temper get in front of it, was really nice.

I actually felt swollen with love and compassion for you. For your stress over money/job.
And, I appreciate DEEPLY, your commitment to taking the communication course with me, and to being my NUMBER ONE co-pirate in creating our relationship. Getting to know one another. and our COMMITTMENT to LETTING JOY IN!
We can live on Love and Joy. I really believe.

here is a F-U-N vid that I have been dancing with Rachel in our apartment in mornings….we just giggling and dancing ya'll! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPo7iNKoCGQ

I Miss you and love you like no otha! You are my MAIN SQUEEZE.
and my tush will take a pinch and squeeze from you any day!

Cant wait til i am back in your arms….XoOXoXoOXoOXoXOoXoOXOox

Thursday, May 1, 2014

3 haikus, 2 videos, 1 love

Air plants were thirsty
Put them in the Mason Jar
Drink up, you weirdos

Hey Old Man, nice jeans
there's room for another butt
Not that you have one

What clay didn't know:
It would be a spectacle
of joy and wonder


These vids are not yet released baby - top secret! ;) ... check out when Carmen is on my back at the start of Anna - so cute!

oh, well, I guess one more haiku, and then off to bed...

Your body wakes me
I want to drink you up and 
be drunken by you

ok... just one more...

I love how you live
Let me run with you in life
Each day to the next

sweetest dreams my love!
have fun in CPH!
hugs to ule, kat, sigrid, kati, and darien.
and a special one (with a kiss on the lips and a squeeze on yer butt) for youuuuu.

I love you.