Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Hi Sweetheart....

Just got home from Landmark my love...Wasn't feeling too powerful, I have to say :) ... But I will figure it out. It's a process! In the 'areas in which I request coaching' I wrote "BEING A SULLEN LUMP" :) ... and actually I'm feeling a lot better after our group chat at the end.

My group is really great, and they helped me brainstorm some ideas for how to get back on track, and for how I can refocus the project within the scope of what I now want to do...

I made an appointment with Randy for Thursday 4pm! He's going to Sri Lanka for all of May (researching his new book)...it felt like better to strike while the iron is hot...


check out:


(check the bass players hair and 'stache! woah buddy!)



(also amazing hair! the violinists may the best :)

and...for something completely different

my friends Holy F#ck have just left for Australian tour...

this is a tour video of theirs' that I love - complete with Barton Springs opening!


Ok my lover true...it is time for me to put addresses in templates!! To print labels for our invites...


I'm so excited to have you back here, and for us to all be there together...in only 5 months!!!

Kisses, hugs, love, and my entire heart is yours. Always.

Xxxxx your P (hey this one's not too bad in the hair department, right? :) Xo


At April 23, 2014 at 10:15 AM , Blogger Amanda Small said...

YOU ARE SO HOT!! I love how you look in this picture….
YUMMMMMY. I love you.


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